Thomine Stolberg-Rohr

The Danfoss IXA organization covers tasks from research and product / software development to sales, projects and customer support.

Thomine Stolberg-Rohr, Physicist

I came to Danfoss IXA in 2008 and have been part of Danfoss IXA since. Together with my colleagues, I work on the development of emission gas sensors. I have an MSc degree in engineering physics and my responsibilities are focused on the measurement unit and the underlying physics. This includes spectroscopic simulations, laboratory experiments, field test, and data analysis. From 2012 to 2015, I have been engaged in an industrial PhD programme at Danfoss IXA in corporation with the Technical University of Denmark.

My typical day

My typical day depends very much on the status of the sensor development. In some periods concept development implies survey for the latest status on the continuously improving technologies within light sources, detectors, and waveguides, as well as brainstorming and theoretical estimates of signal level and cross sensitivities in the comparison and evaluation of various potential system designs. In later phases, field tests, data processing, and troubleshooting fill up the work day.

What is the best thing about your job?

My job involves interaction with engineers representing various technical fields from software to electronics and mechanics. We all work on a common goal and need to cooperate effectively to reach the deadlines. It is a great feeling to see one’s efforts transposing into a concrete product.