Marine Emission Sensor MES 1001

The Marine Emission Sensor ensures continuous measurement of emission gases directly in the exhaust system.

Measurement of NOx, SO2 and NH3

The increasing global focus on the environment and energy efficiency are the key drivers for our Marine Emission Sensor. The sensor has been developed with the purpose of enabling the maritime industry to take control of their emissions and turn this information into competitive advantages.

Ship owners will benefit from getting an additional layer of information about how their engines are performing through the continuous emission measurements, and use this for promoting an environmental friendly approach. Engine manufactures can improve the fuel efficiency. After-treatment suppliers can optimize and document their systems.

The applications for the MES 1001 include:

  • Continuous Emission Monitoring (CEMS)
  • Engine Control
  • Fuel Switching Monitoring
  • SCR Control, including ammonia Monitoring
  • Big Data

Follow this link for more information on the applications.