Dynamic Ventilation System

Dynamic Ventilation System automatically manages the cargo hold ventilation fans for container vessels carrying reefers below deck.

Saving energy

The Dynamic Ventilation System gives the vessel owner the possibility to significantly reduce the energy spent on carrying reefers. Using this system the payback period is very short. The Dynamic Ventilation System maintains optimal conditions in the cargo hold, ensuring quality of goods shipped as well as the best possible energy efficiency of cargo hold ventilation and reefer container cooling system. It saves between 10-15% of the combined energy from the cargo hold ventilation and the reefers. The system runs independently and operational errors are avoided.

The Dynamic Ventilation Control System uses infrared gas measurement technology patented by Danfoss IXA.

Operation principle

The Dynamic Ventilation Control System controls the cargo hold ventilation according to temperature and CO2 set points. This is done by means of a robust optical sensor that measures CO2 and temperature, an outdoor temperature sensor, and a control unit that controls the fans in order to reduce the energy consumption. Thus the state of the fans depends on the outdoor temperature, the temperature in the cargo hold, and CO2 concentration in the cargo hold.

The system operates as a standalone autonomous system and can easily be retrofitted without interfering with daily operations. As a system, it complies with the relevant protection classes. For MVC it is IP55, and for MVS it is IP65. The DVS has a PDA (product design assessment) certificate by ABS.