Danfoss IXA sensor in ShippingWatch

With global focus on ship emissions, not least due to the global sulfur cap set to take effect in 2020, Danfoss IXA is receiving much attention to our MES 1001 marine emission sensor. This week ShippingWatch featured the article: “Danfoss company ready to help carriers document sulfur compliance”.

In the article Frank Hansen explains that: “Emissions control on land, for example by KommuneKemi [Danish waste management services – ed.] have been around for a long time. The innovative feature is that you measure everything that comes out of a vessel’s exhaust at sea. That means that control is ensured. You cannot send out drones over the Atlantic or install sniffers on the Oceans, but you can gather data and document vessels’ emissions by picking up the phone or accessing a website, and later on you can monitor the requirements for emissions of nitrogen”.

Read the article here.