Carsten Moberg

The Danfoss IXA organization covers tasks from research and product / software development to sales, projects and customer support.

Carsten Moberg, Mechanical Engineer

I joined Danfoss IXA as a Mechanical Engineer in 2013. As a member of the mechanical department, I take care of the mechanical design of the sensor. Documentation in the CAD system is part of my responsibility too. In order to ensure our high quality level, I stay in close contact with our suppliers, who are manufacturing custom-made parts for us.

I am educated as a Mechanical Engineer and have in former jobs designed small machine elements, as well as large process plants.

My typical day

My days are very different. When I joined Danfoss IXA, I spent months creating the mechanical design for the sensor as it appears today. Now I spend time visiting our suppliers, mainly to discuss the manufacturing and assembly process, in order to ensure our high quality level for the mechanical parts.

When we see potential elements where the sensor can be improved, and we decide to implement the change, I update the drawings and documentation accordingly.

What is the best thing about your job?

I enjoy very much being part of the entire creation process. We started with the theoretical 3D design on our PC screens. Now we have the sensors running on engines’ exhaust systems. It feels good to see our sensors in function and most of all to see they are performing well.