Welcome to Danfoss IXA

We develop sensors and systems for the maritime industry, solving energy optimization and measurement of emission gases.

Our sensor products are based on patented technology and are ideally suited for the global focus on energy efficiency and the environment.

Our products are designed for the maritime environment, and they are extremely robust and can precisely and continuously measure climate parameters and environmentally harmful gases and thereby provide valuable input for energy optimization.

Product lines

We are currently offering two product lines. Our Dynamic Ventilation System for minimizing the energy consumption on the large container vessels when carrying reefers and our Marine Emission Sensor for monitoring the greenhouse gases directly in the exhaust stack on board vessels.

Employees and Organization

Danfoss IXA is a small agile organization with highly skilled employees. We focus on product development, supply chain management, sales, projects and service. Manufacturing is outsourced and supporting tasks like HR, legal and reception are carried out through Danfoss.

Danfoss IXA history

Danfoss IXA was established as a private stockholding (A/S) company in April 2009. Prior to becoming a private stockholding company, Danfoss IXA was a part of Danfoss Ventures, and before that, an internal project inside Danfoss Heating.