Danfoss IXA

Danfoss IXA is part of the Danfoss Group. We develop sensors and systems for the maritime industry, solving energy optimization and measurement of emission gasses.

Our sensor products are based on patented technology and are ideally suited for the global focus on energy efficiency and the environment.

Our products are designed for the maritime environment, and they are extremely robust and can precisely and continuously measure climate parameters and environmentally harmful gases and thereby provide valuable input for energy optimization.

Dynamic Ventilation System

The Dynamic Ventilation System provides significant energy savings for container vessels carrying reefers below deck. The system automatically optimizes the cargo hold ventilation based on CO2 and temperature sensors. Typically 10-15% of the combined energy to reefers and cargo hold ventilation is saved.

Marine Emission Sensor

The Marine Emission Sensor continuously measures NO, NO2 (NOx), SO2 and NH3 indirectly (in situ) in the exhaust system. The sensor enables ship owners to comply with local and international emission regulations (e.g. MARPOL, NOx technical code from IMO). Furthermore, the sensor enables dynamic engine control, closed feedback loops for after-treatment systems like scrubbers and SCRs, and documentation of fuel shifting.